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We're looking for English teachers

【We're looking for English teachers】
★We“K-style” are now looking for Engligh teachers. Where you live doesn't matter.
Any nationality/Gender/Age will be welcomed. You can decide your schedule with your student. Also,you can work only within your commutable area. We're looking forward to your application.All teachers need to be registered with our school.

【Lesson Style】
We have lessons in public places, such as coffee shops. We don't have calsses in teacher's/student's homes except when the stundets are small children or junior high students. This is so to prevent accidents.

【Hourly payment】
★regular lesson
1to 1=60minutes/2000yen+300yen the 300yen is for travelling.
1to 2=60minutes/3000yen+300yen the 300yen is for travelling.

【Conditions for non-Japanese residents】
・You must be legally allowed to work.
・More than half a year until the expiration date of Visa.
・You must have a professional attitude to teaching.

【Conditionds for non-native speakers】
TOEIC830 or more. You don't have to be educated in foreign countries if you are skilled at English.

【Children/Junior high Course】
We can teach in the students' homes. The parents need to take their children to and from the coffee shop when it takes more than 10 minutes to get there.

★1to 3 1500yen/1H for each
★1to 5 1000yen/1H for each(the price won't be changed for more stundents.)

【Other Conditions】
・Pay for your own drinks at coffee shops.
(You get 1500yen for a trial lesson/30minutes from our school if the student joins K-style.)
★Your payment goes up as you get more students♪

【How you get paid】
・Get paid directly from the students. You can receive the money each time after the class.It is a teacher's responsibility to pay the money back if another teacher taught your student or the class was cancelled.Money could cause troubles. Be honest with it.

【How to contact】
Specify the following and send an e-mail to us . 1.Name 2.Nationality,Sex,Age
3.Address and nearest station 4.How we can reach you(Telephone number,e-mail adress)
5. Engligh teaching experience 6.Japanese Ability 7.Your strong points